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What the heck is Crummy

The word Crummy is inspired by you. 

Yes, you Crummy thing! If you’re a Crummy, I’m a Crummy. 

You may be thinking “Ummm excuse me? Crummy is defined as DIRTY and UNPLEASANT!”

I’m here to introduce a new definition to you.


Crummy is cute, resourceful, uninhibited, evolving and whatever you need it to be.


Words do not define us, we define ourselves.


Crummy is all about altering expectations and taking control of our own beauty.

So whether you want to be slimy, fluffy or Crummy…


I support you throwing away the dictionary!

Crummy is:


Crummy offers clothes made for anybody and every body while avoiding certain cuts to allow for all body types.


Crummy garments run from XS-5XL. If you still don't see your size, you can email to request alternative sizes for no additional cost.


All garments are made from 100% upcycled materials. This includes fabric, thread, buttons, elastic, velcro, lace, zippers, and appliques. Packaging is compostable, and production is carried out using a "zero-waste mindset". All scraps are saved to create new fabric and even a "zero-waste monster" sculpture that is displayed at all Crummy fashion shows and pop-ups.


All garments are made by me, Cass! I make all of my own patterns and sew each garment on my serger and sewing machine in my bedroom.

My hope with Crummy is to make everyone, no matter how they identify, feel seen, sexy, and satisfied.

Contact me with questions, consignment inquiries, suggestions, concerns, riddles, Spotify playlists, recipes, or memes:

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